From Our Bakery: Cake Trends

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Since we’re a bakery, you probably aren’t surprised to learn that we love baking.

Each year we eagerly research and explore the new cake trends in anticipation of trying them out ourselves. We are constantly inspired by what we see on Pinterest and Instagram, in magazines, and by what our customers bring in as their inspiration.

Here are three cake trends we can’t get over this year.

Piñata Cakes

Pinata cakes get their name from the surprise people find inside. Just like a hanging paper pinata, these cakes are full of sweets that pour out once the cake is “broken” by being cut into.

The popularity of these cakes has grown to such a height that even Vogue wrote an article about them, so you know they are not just for kids’ birthdays.

We can make these layered cakes in any flavor and color you can imagine. You can also select the candies that we will include during the cake construction.

Think outside the birthday box! Do you have another occasion you would like a cake for? We especially love creating piñata cakes for Halloween and putting spooky gummy candy on the inside as the surprise instead of the traditional Skittles or M&M’s.

Naked Cakes

Showing up in New York City in 2007, Naked cakes were first created under the hands of pastry chef Christina Tosi of the renowned Momofuku Milk Bar.

Naked cakes get their name from the minimal amount of frosting around the cake’s exterior. The exposed frosting in between the layers are the stars of the show.

These cakes give a great down-to-earth feeling to any event.

The controversial – yet very Instagramable – wedding cake trend has sparked internet debates between pastry chefs and brides-to-be over the fineness, taste, and overall appearance of the cake. While the cake appears easy to create, it’s anything but. Since you’re technically skipping the step of icing the outside of the cake, if executed poorly, the cake will look shabby and sad.

Macarons on Cakes

A newer cake trend are macarons sitting on tops of cakes. We’re not ones to turn away fun, so when we saw the macaroon trend, we were thrilled.

A macaron is a cookie made by combining icing sugar and ground almonds into a fine mixture. In a separate bowl, egg whites are beaten to a meringue-like consistency. The two elements are then sandwiched together. These cookies take years of patience and practice to master. Each cookie takes hours to complete and needs to be consumed within a week.

The obvious difference between the French macaron and the American macaroon is the overall difference in appearance. The American macaroon is a much sweeter coconut-based cookie with a biscuit like appearance. The French macaron is almond based and looks like a colorful sandwich cookie.

The macarons typically top three-plus tier cakes and these cakes tend to be more traditional in flavor to complement the taste of the macarons. The cookies either lay on their sides or face up.

If you see a naked cake topped with macarons, then you know it’s a real party.