Bringing Back Brunch

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A Fan Letter to Our Favorite Meal

A signature of a fun-filled weekend or the kickoff to an awaited Sunday Funday, brunch has skyrocketed in popularity over the past ten years. There are dozens, even hundreds of cookbooks dedicated to this one meal that can be found sandwiched between breakfast and lunch. Brunch is a cheerful celebration that can happen every weekend.

The leisurely meal begins whenever you please, allowing unlimited snoozes. Whether you awake at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., or even noon, brunch will be waiting for you. We have to say; we are huge fans.

blackberry and cream french toast

The burst of brunch popularity is due to a swift demographic shift from an after-church or service-based family meal to one enjoyed with friends and family over a buffet of decadence. Brunch is most popular in college towns such as our sweet Columbia, and millennial-stuffed cities such as Nashville.

Somewhat of a social status finder, brunch generates many curated aerial social media photos of breakfast tacos, salmon and lox, and pancakes. In Columbia alone there are hundreds of weekly social media posts dedicated to spreading the word of what happens when you mix orange juice and champagne.

A collision of sweet and savory, there’s no stopping anyone from ordering another round of hot cakes, eggs, or a bottomless mimosa at brunch. It’s been ingrained into popular culture that during brunch, drinking before noon is considered judgement-free and well mannered.

Whether it’s a family-friendly celebration, or a kickoff to a needed afternoon nap, brunch sits on a high seat for anyone’s weekend plans. Remember, regardless of venue, it’s acceptable to show up in last night’s dress or half of your pj’s. Brunch is about indulging yourself and preparing your belly for the week of work and commitment ahead.